The Story Of Glendale home

Established in 1966 as a registered public benefit organisation, we empower our residents, aged between 24 and 82, to reach their life’s purpose and potential. Powered by the United Jewish Campaign, the organisation is a proud member of the Jewish Care Cape Welfare Group.

United by a vision for healthy, active, meaningful lives, Glendale home provides care services for Jewish adults with profound intellectual disabilities.

At Glendale home, we achieve our vision by:

  • Providing clinical, educational and therapeutic programs that fosters a culture of wellness across our ecosystem
  • Nurturing a spirit of Yiddishkite, equality and inclusivity throughout the home
  • Fostering symbiotic partnerships with local communities and global networks to enhance our service delivery
  • Driving environmental and economical sustainability

Holding NPO and PBO status, the Home currently looks after 45 full-time residents. Our care model is de-institutionalised, aiming to cultivate a spirit of dignity and hope for people with disabilities. At Glendale home, the disability spectrum treated includes intellectual, physical, psycho-social and related disabilities.

Our approach is person-centred, focusing on international best-practices that maximises quality of life and empowers our residents to reach their full potential.

Protecting their most fundamental human rights, care services at the Home are centred around Jewish identity that includes, amongst others Rabbinical support, Kosher food, Jewish High Holidays and life-cycle events. Upholding of Jewish practices, customs and way of life is part of our holistic approach to care. This approach maximises the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our residents.

Glendale Infographics

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